Flex and Large Printing
Flex and Large Printing

Flex and Large Printing

Jan 14 2020 06:07:23
Flex and Large Printing

Flex printing was first introduced on the late 1990s as an alternate to those expensive printing techniques such as lithographic printing. In flex printing each image is assembled to from a complex set of numbers and mathematical formulas. These images are captured from a matrix of dots, called pixels, and this process is called flex printing.
The images are then used to control the deposition of ink, toner or exposure to electromagnetic energy to reproduce the data. Flex printing is now gaining more and more popularity nowadays and one of the main reasons for it is because of its cost-effectiveness, and also because of its ability to sustain severe weather conditions. You can make use of this flex printing in various forms, ranging from hoarding printing to canvas printing and from backdrop printing to banner printing.

Large format printing is referred to the prints that are larger than standard size prints. Sometimes a wide-format printing or large format printing requires the use of specialty production equipment that can accommodate larger-than-normal print dimensions. In the print industry, “large format” is actually a term because maximum print sizes may vary from printer to printer.

Flex printing ensures that pictures are clear and have a very high-quality print. Banners and posters printed from the flex printing technique can be used for a variety of ways from branding, promotion to advertising about the launch of a new product. Another important advantage of using flex printing is that the time taken is considerably less than any other form of printing. Flex printing is a medium to promote brands, especially outdoor advertising for a longer period. Also, there is another important feature of flex printing that makes it all the more attractive is its durability and versatility, and due to its nature they tend to last for a long-long time, also the results from flex printing are weather and water-resistant

Businesses in different industries are now discovering the advantages of large format color printing, specifically, how large and beautifully printed signs and banners are and they continue to prove to be an effective way to deliver the right messages to their audience. As you might expect, studies show that when the messages are large, they tend to be much more effective than small, black and white print. Consumers seem to put a higher priority on messages delivered in a large size and format.


Eco-Friendly: even though flex printing involves ink and chemicals, there are no pre-press procedures like offset printing, so there’s no need for plates and chemicals. Directly printing onto the material saves a lot! Quick Turnaround: since there are no pre-press procedures and plates, the initial setup time is reduced, and you can get your prints quicker than with other printing techniques. No Initial Costs or Setup: Speaking of initial setup there are no additional cost of creating the plates, so you’re saving on money, but only if you’re looking to print smaller numbers.

Accuracy: With flex printing, you can print samples to check on color accuracy and the like so that you’re printing exactly is what you envisioned. It’s easy to tweak colors and its properties, but with offset printing the whole process gets much trickier because of the physical separation of ink and water.

It’s a versatile and captivating way to engage your audience and increase your visibility. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages this method provides. Large format printing increases brand recognition- One of the most important benefits of oversized printing is that it can improve your brand visibility, this type of printing will get your brand noticed and will cause consumers to remember your name for the right reasons. In such a saturated market, it can be difficult to make a lasting impression. But if you use these large format printed materials, you’ll be bound to stand out from all the rest.
Oversized printing goes the distance- large scale printing is much more eye-catching, even from great distances. You’ll get a much better ROI when you can attract customers from down the street or across a crowded trade show room! Because your brand’s message will be clearly legible from afar, you won’t ever have to worry that your investment won’t pan out. You’ll be able to capture your audience’s attention and reel them in, which translates into increased sales and, potentially, greater brand loyalty. Large-scale printing is versatile- Best of all, oversized printing can be utilized on all sorts of marketing materials. From posters and banners to stickers and decals, a quality print shop can use oversized printing to get your business noticed — no matter what medium you use. This also allows you to think more creatively and use these marketing materials in new ways. And because this type of printing can be used in a number of ways, you’ll be able to promote your brand consistently across the board.


Flex and Large Printing


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