Label Printing
Label Printing

Label Printing

Jan 14 2020 07:16:36
Label Printing

Labels and labelling are regarded as the workhorse of logistics and distribution operations everywhere. The first adhesive labels were printed and manufactured in the 1930s by R. Stanton Avery. The early labels would be familiar to users like us today – paper with a coat of adhesive and covered with a liner made with a silicone coating.
Avery developed an early machine from spare parts and flexible, rubber printing plates for printing labels, early commercial applications required typewriters, or a pen or pencil. Needless to say, efficiency was less of an objective than using the label for accurately identifying things they were applied to! The latter innovations in the screen printing process took around 50 years when computers came onto the scene, until the computer began to be understood for its real scope of potential applications, labels weren't evolving as much we'd imagine. Computers opened the doors for printers Labels and stickers printing are regarded as underused promoting tools that can be of huge advantage to your brand image and organisation.
These labels and stickers can be regarded as a cheap alternative to all those expensive promotional products. This means that labels and stickers can play a huge role in adding value to your brand. How stickers and labels can be used as a great marketing item;
1. Multiple uses- labels and stickers are available in many shapes and sizes and can be used along with many marketing tools to promote your brand. This versatility is of a huge advantage, as it can be used on almost anything from vehicles and windows to leaflets and printed brochures.
2. Provide information- these stickers and labels can be a great way to giveaway an extra bit of additional information to your customers. They can be used to highlight key information that can enhance the possibility of a sale. These stickers and labels can include contact details, prices, and key product or service details to make it more visible in front of your potential customers.
3. Affordable and long term value- one big advantage that these stickers and labels possess is that they are very affordable and offer long term value to you. They can be a relatively cheap and affordable way to get your information to your customers.

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