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As it is regarded that a first impression is fairly important and you should make it worthwhile. Therefore printing your packaging to make it look more attractive is very important, as your existing and potential clients would interact with your product packaging and make an assumption about you and your brand. Packaging can go a very long way in how people perceive anything.

Packaging functions serve multiple purposes. Some of them are as follows: Protection- the most important function or factor that packaging has is its ability to protect and safe keep your products. It physically protects the goods from damage that may be caused due to environmental factors. Packaging protects against breaking, moisture, dust, temperature changes, etc.
Transfer of information- packaging is an essential tool to inform your customers about different sets of products and services. The transfer important bit of information like directions for use, storage instructions, ingredients, warnings, helpline information, and any government required warnings. Convenient- Goods have to be transported, distributed, stored and warehoused during their journey from production to consumption. Packaging makes the process of handling goods more convenient for all parties involved. Security- To ensure that there is no tampering with the packaging of the goods is crucial. The package of a product secures the goods from any foreign elements or alterations. High-quality packages will reduce the risk of any pilferage.

Packaging can help a company attract consumers to their product. It can set apart your product in a vast sea of options that the consumer has at their disposal. The packaging adds to the perceived value of a product. Effective techniques, that can be used to ensure that your product package is a great marketing tool for your product. Some of them are listed below: Captures attention- one of the most important aspects of a package is that it draws the attention of your customers while even sitting on a shelf. It does not have to be the loudest or brightest package, but it must be unique in some way. Sometimes simplicity could be what sets it apart.
Other factors can be the shape, the colour scheme and even the texture of the package. Brand and product name should be clear- It is of absolute attention that the packaging draws maximum attention to your brand name. The customer will not buy a product if they do not know whose product they are buying Points out the benefits- Your product may have certain unique elements or benefits.
Your packaging should draw attention to such benefits so it becomes a huge selling point. For example, if the product is ‘organic’ or has ‘no preservatives’ it should say so the package and be displayed prominently. Designed with the Target Audience in Mind- The organisation must be clear on whom the packaging is designed to attract and impress. Say the target audience is youth, then the design can be abstract and modernistic. But say the target customers are senior citizens then the design should be clear and specific. Designing your packaging for a target audience is not always easy but certain criteria can be followed.

Print your product packaging with your logo and contact information can result in higher gains and profits for your organisation, thus you must get your packaging printed. Some more benefits of using package printing; Branding- one of the most important aspects of package printing is its ability to promote your brand and image at a constant rate. You can put up your logo, tagline, mascot and other branding communication on your boxes, this creates brand awareness through printed packages.
Technical details- even though each company and organisation have their packaging boxes in a standard size, but a personalised printed packaging will include different kinds of technical details such as product model, quantity, expiry date, and other relevant details. Ease for retailers- as retailers usually keep several different products of various brands in their store, thus it becomes difficult for them to differentiate between various suppliers. This is where personalised printed packaging can come good for you as you and your brand, as you can stand apart from everyone and give a distinctive identity. Differentiation- if your packaging is well designed and attractive, then it can surely attract a lot of customers towards it, which can be very beneficial to your business or organisation.

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