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DL Booklets- Self Cover, Saddle Stitch (99 x 210 mm)


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Product: DL Booklets- Self Cover, Saddle Stitch (99 x 210 mm)
Quantity: 25
Delivered: 250 Express Delivery


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Brochures come in a class and category all by themselves. How do you decide the right brochure for your business? How do you set the tone for everything you want to tell your audience? How many pages? What size? What paper? What cover? What do we say? What do we leave out?

At Uthara Print we can help guide you through this process if you need help. We are experts at printing brochures and have a lot of valuable experience. We have printed many brochures for companies, and should you need to take a quick look, we’d be happy to send out samples to help you make that right decision.

Glossy brochures from a 5 Star hotel are a great example of putting the right content/elegant text in and choosing the right professionally shot photographs of the hotel. Without reading a word, the look and feel of the brochure tell you that this is a great hotel that will look after your every need. You will also know that the hotel doesn’t come cheap. Because the brochure says so. But if we design a construction company brochure the same way, we’re sending out wrong signals to our prospective clients. The construction company brochure needs to showcase possible examples of work undertaken, with a rugged feel, the texture of walls and the interiors.

Whereas a hotel brochure needs to show the comfort of the rooms and the gourmet style food available, the gorgeous interiors and the facilities.

So what size are we talking about? Popular sizes are A4 with multiple pages, square sizes, with 210x210mm being most popular.

Brochures are produced in sets of four pages. To estimate that, take a sheet of A4, fold in half and you will have four pages of A5. Therefore, brochures are generally 12, 16, 20, 24 pages and so on. Just to explain further, it is not possible to add one page because you will need to add an extra set of four!

The best way to get your corporate brochure going is to, first of all, speak to us. This is what we can do: Make you a plain paper dummy on the actual paper it will be printed on. Quote options will also be supplied for you to choose the best route. You may want your brochure to have a thicker weight for the cover. We call this self-cover. We could give you price comparisons: with a cover on the same weight as the text pages and also one with a thicker cover. You decide.

Uthara print recommends you talk to a professional designer to design your brochure. Designers are experts in font usage. They also get your brochure to have a modern, cohesive look that goes with your brand image. Please contact us to discuss your requirements rather than taking on this task yourself and then not being satisfied. We know our brochures well.

- Save the file for booklets as one PDF document with single pages.
- Add 3 mm bleed.
- Keep 4 mm safety margin.
- Use CMYK as the color mode.
- Resolution of at least 300 dpi.
- Convert fonts to outlines or embed all the fonts.
- Fonts should be at least 6pt.
- Save your files in uneditable, print-ready file formats.
- Use the right values for full color black.
- Make sure the ink coverage isn't higher than 300%.
- Lines should be at least 0.25 pt.
- Check your artwork on overprint.

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