Business Card Dispensers

What are Promotional business card dispensers? Why do we need them?

Ever been caught short at a meeting or conference, rummaging around in your bag trying to hunt out your business cards? Even worse, ever got caught at a networking event with crumpled or dirty business cards? Not anymore.

With Uthara Print, London we personalize, customize and pretty much do anything you fancy to business card holders so that you can find your cards in a flash. Our business card holders/dispensers come in a range of colours and styles, with logos, text, and design helping you make that all-important good first impression.

Business card dispensers fall into the following categories:
• Tabletop business card holders
• Outdoor business card dispensers with a waterproof hinged lid
• Clip-on business card dispensers which attach onto the front of leaflet dispensers

Your clients and prospects can take a card even when you are not in the office to remind them of your presence/business.
Is that all?

Personalized business card holders make great gifts for traveling salespeople, executives, or any new employee.

Using the latest in printing techniques, at Uthara Print, London our team of designers can help you personalise these corporate promotional gifts with your business name and logo over the large branding area of these luxurious and stylish business card cases. They will reproduce your promotional message in the most accurate and detailed manner to suit your business requirements.