Pavement Signs

Pavement signs are budget based forms of advertising outside shops, restaurants or cafes. They can be classed as a pavement sign if normally positioned outside of storefronts or high street shops. Some pavement signs have snap shut frames allowing the advertising media to be changed quickly.

These pavement signs, or outdoor display boards, are used to increase footfall and entice customers into your business, to increase sales, walk-in traffic, increase product awareness or deliver information.

Pavement boards can be used indoors or outdoors, and have the ability to show your messages in a creative way. Promoting offers, deals or specials of the day are just a few ideas to use your signage.

Let’s Get Technical

Traditionally, forecourt signs are made up of a base unit and a graphic made from PVC or aluminium. The graphics are then usually attached, fixed or placed behind acetate covers on the frame of the sign.

At Uthara Print, London since the pavement signs are printed with UV inks the results are vibrant with waterproof colours making your pavement signs stand out and attract your clientele. You also have the ability to place them in almost any position.

At Uthara Print London, an online printing company in London, we supply pavement signs and A-boards at competitive prices. We offer a personal one-stop service meaning, that we will always ensure a hassle-free business.

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