Stamps are a terrific way to stamp your company’s authority on a document lending validity and credibility to the piece of paper. But you know what the problem is? The only problem with stamps is that sooner or later you will have your fingers smudged with ink, which may also transfer itself to documents making a royal mess.

Uthara Print London’s self-inked stamps come without pads making their use hassle-free, leaving your fingers clean and ink-less. And clean. Crazy, right? So, are self-inking stamps magic? Nope! However, they do tend to pique the curiosity of those that are interested in how things work.

So how does a self-inking stamp work?

A Self-Inking Stamp has a built-in water-based ink pad that re-inks every time an impression is made. In order for a self-inking stamp to work, a specific motion must be used to manually, but seamlessly place ink from the inkpad onto the stamp.

As office stationery, self-inking stamps are an indispensable tool for the modern professional. Made of high-quality plastic, these self-inking stamps are guaranteed to last long, leaving the perfect impression of your company never failing the brand image.

Order Self Inked Stamps Online

Ordering self inking stamps online from Uthara Print London, is quick and easy. Send us your design/text/logo or get custom stamp template made from our young, exciting designers. You can also upload your own unique self inked stamp design or create one in our online editor to obtain a corporate self inking stamp that is unique to your company.

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